About us

Intellectual Forum of North East (IFNE) was formed in the year 2016 by young dynamic people working in various field to create a platform so that all the intellectuals of North East come together to promote our rich heritage and culture to the rest of the world.

We believe Intellectuals are the guiding force of a society and are path finders in visualizing policies for the society. The rich tradition, heritage and culture of ancient North East India was forgotten after the creation of many states due to political reasons. People have failed to realize that inherent oneness can bring renaissance to this part of the country and uplift our values and socio cultural ethos.

Due to vested self-political reasons north east was divided by caste, tribes and languages. Even after 70 years of independence the development of North East is negligible in comparison to the other parts of the country. It’s time that the tradition and socio-cultural ethos of North East India be highlighted to reinforce the development of the region.


Intellectual Forum of North East is here to Promote and Support Activity in the field of: