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Prof. Noni Gopal Mahanta, Registrar, Gauhati University| Draft National Education policy, 2019

One Day Symposium at IIT, Guwahati Intellectual Forum of North East in collaboration with IIT Guwahati organized a one day symposium on Draft National Education Policy 2019 on 10th of August, 2019. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prof. Noni Gopal Mahanta (Registrar, Gauhati University) said that the policy is very comprehensive in nature. However he looked into the question of effective implementation and desired benefit out of the policy. He made certain suggestions on which Government of India should ponder over. The suggestions are as follows: I. We need lot of preparation from now onwards to develop perfect mechanism for implementation of the policy since ten to twelve years the colleges will become autonomous. II. In the light of nation higher education regulatory authority, we should immediately constitute a state higher education regulatory authority to make preparation for the implementation of the policy. The authority should start mentoring and identifying the colleges which need push ups for development as most of the colleges do not have sufficient infrastructure to stand as an autonomous college and prepare their own syllabus. Therefore the state higher education regulatory authority must take sufficient effort to prepare these colleges for the policy implementation. III. The speakers also suggested that the clustering of colleges which has low enrolment of students. This step will help sustain the college rather than being wiped out or simply turn to a building of study centre. IV. The authority should start human resource mapping to identify domestic potential for development. We need to identify how act east policy would benefit the region. We also need to understand the domestic market. We need to assess the potential of service sector and IT sector and how it would help growing of education sector. Through this we can understand what kind of subjects would be relevant in days to come to provide maximum employment opportunities to the students. V. All private sectors must reserve 10-15% jobs for social science. VI. One semester must be kept exclusively for field work in villages to make the students aware of ground reality. VII. We need to regulate the private educational institutions regarding the quality of education, salary structure, infrastructure so on and so forth. VIII. Assam needs lot of popularisation of science education. IX. Educational governance needs to get restructured. Educational sector cannot be left alone in the hands of IAS or ACS officers. We need to put educationist in the administration of education in secretariat. X. The higher education regulatory authority must look into online system of accessing journals, books etc to meet the present global technological development.