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Dr. Dulumoni Goswami, Education Dept, Gauhati University|Draft National Education policy, 2019

One Day Symposium at IIT, Guwahati Intellectual Forum of North East in collaboration with IIT Guwahati organized a one day symposium on Draft National Education Policy 2019 on 10th of August, 2019. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Dulumoni Goswami (Education Dept, Gauhati University) had put forth his opinion about the NEP and opined that it seeks to bring a liberal approach in education which will not merely focus on scoring marks but will help students to develop both physically and spiritually. He opined that the NEP ensured harmonious development of individuals as it aimed at cultivating values in individuals. The speaker highlighted that the prime motto of the NEP is multidisciplinary approach in education and revisited ancient educational heritage of India through laying emphasis on liberal education which is the need of the hour in India.