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Nagaland Women Reservation Isssue

North East is considered as one of the most modern parts of India in terms of Fashion, Literacy and Outlook. Nagaland is one such leading State where Crime against women is low; Literacy is High, a vibrant and tolerant society. Though women are treated equally in most parts of Nagaland, but in the political field and administrative setups, there is very little or no representation in the administration. The month of January and February saw unprecedented turmoil and violence in Nagaland due to the declaration of Urban Local Body (ULB) Elections with two deaths in Police firing. Nagaland has never seen a woman MLA, and those women who were standing for the recent ULB polls were under immense pressure to withdraw owing to threats of excommunication. Women abstained from coming out in large numbers in support of the reservations fearing increased chaos and tensions. The 33% reservation is not a ‘Pulling Down’ for men rather it is just a ‘Pulling up’ of women to be par with men folks.

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